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Grace Disinfecting and Cleaning Services supports your commitment to the health and safety of your employees, clients and others visiting your facilities. Leveraging over 30 years of expertise in cleaning, sanitizing & disinfection services, we professionally utilize the best equipment and EPA category IV registered disinfectants to effectively disinfect.

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Electrostatic Spray Disinfection

  • Invisible layer binds to surfaces for 30+ days of protection
  • Provides long lasting residual defense against dangerous microbes
  • Product is currently being used in NYC subways, UFC, airlines, cruise ships, hospitals, gyms, offices, restaurants, schools.
  • Water based; no harsh chemicals
  • Safe on all surfaces; no residue left behind

Electrostatic Sprayers

Electrostatic sprayers, which apply an electrostatic charge to disinfectant spray, is being used to fight the spread of the virus.

30-Day Antimicrobial Barrier (Add-On)

  • 1 hour of Electrostatic Spraying = 8 hours of scrubbing and wiping
  • Electrostatically charged particles seek out surfaces for 360° coverage
  • Fast acting EPA disinfectant kills coronavirus in just one minute
  • Surface / user friendly
  • No wiping necessary
  • Commonly used in churches, schools, daycares, government facilities, airplanes, hospitals, offices etc.

Our Services

Although we provide regular cleaning services, our primary service is Electrostatic Disinfecting.

Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services

We know that the atmosphere of your office building is crucial for the success of your business.

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medical cleaning services

Medical Cleaning Services

Keeping medical offices and waiting rooms clean is crucial to the health and safety of visitors.

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Private Schools Cleaning

Private Schools and Universities

One of the most effective ways to keep germs, viruses and illnesses from spreading is to routinely clean and disinfect surfaces where germs can reside.

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Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

We offer fast and thorough construction clean-up as many times as needed throughout the process to keep the environment safe, healthy, and dust-free.

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Day Cleaning

Our day cleaning program is ideal for small businesses. Day cleaning offers many benefits such as eliminating the need for nighttime keys and codes.

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Special Services

We offer a variety of different special “one-time” services to accommodate unusual needs that arise from time to time.

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Victory Innovations is Helping Schools Across the Country

Utilizing electrostatic technology, Victory sprayers are helping people everywhere fight the spread of disease! By adding an electrostatic charge to the spray particles, they actually 3D wrap around the objects they are sprayed at! This ensures 100% chemical coverage as particles land.

Disinfectants We Use

PURE® Hard Surface

PURE® Hard Surface is an EPA registered food contact surface sanitizer and disinfectant, powered by the patented Silver Dihydrogen Citrate (SDC) molecule. PURE Hard Surface delivers broad-spectrum power to eliminate dangerous pathogens in a wide range of environments.

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Bioesque Solutions

Bioesque® Disinfectant Spray is a broad-spectrum hard surface disinfectant that has been shown to be effective against other similar viruses.

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